2.1 Manual Errata

Voron Manual Errata

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  • Note that the FSR pad comes with a glue film on the back and should be glued to the base. Remove the protection film from the back, it is very thin. Be careful not to damage the pressure pad!


  • Panel dimensions are different if you compare manual and BOM. BOM is correct on outer dimensions!
  • Z chain hole in the bottom panel in 350 configuration is under the front-to-back extrusion holding the bed. Cut according to your cable management!

    Screw lengths:

    Some screw length may be wrong:

  • Use M2x10 for the x/y endstop
  • Use M5x12 to attach Mobius 2/3
  • Use M3x16 to secure the toolhead page 41 of manual
  • An extra driver is shown on page 60 of the manual on the left RAMPS board and in the wiring section of the manual (only 3 drivers are required on the left board (A motor, B motor and Extruder motor)
  • Page 76 of the manual: Do not share the Z Probe +V wire with the hotend heater. It can cause Z Probe issues. Run a separate wire to +12V on the PSU.

    Missing screw hole in side skirts

    The side skirts do not have a hole in the middle for bottom panel attachement. Just add one with your tool of choice.

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